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Why real time sync fails to monitor changes in network shared folder?


The easiest way to synchronizer files between multiple computer is to install Block Sync Server on the target computer. Then, you can enjoy the block-level sync. Read more about Block Sync Server

If you still want to use Network Shared Folder, please continue reading.

There are several possible reasons:

  1. Did the target folders reside on a Windows 2000 system or later?
  2. Did you type correct login info in "Task Wizard->Folders->Network Settings"? Can you pass the connection test?

If you run Beyond Sync as a Windows service, please also make sure:

  1. You use UNC path instead of mapped drive in the task. Because the mapped drives didn't exist for Windows services.
  2. Beyond Sync is running under the account who installed it. The LocalSystem account doesn't work because it has no permission to access the network resources.
  3. You typed "user name" and "password" in step #2 above. You can't leave it blank and use current login name. That's important.





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