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Feature Comparison - how do the two versions of our file replication software differ from each other?

Discover all the features of Sync Now! and find out how they can help you with backup, synchronization and file mirroring.

Features Sync Now! Professional Sync Now! Enterprise
Data can be synchronized per sync < 5 GB Unlimited
Command Line Support. Easy to integrate to your working folow
Scheduler support, run on startup/shutdown, specific time, interval, etc. You set-it-and-forget-it
Run as service
Real time file replication. Files will be synchronized as soon as they are updated
Optimized high performance synchronization algorithm, especially for large file
Fully bidirectional synchronization
Unattended mode support
Backup files to standard ZIP file
Synchronize files between local drivers, network drives, USB drives, etc
Multi-folders in one task
Run multi-task at once
Verification after sync, ensure that your files are synchronized correctly
Automatically handle FAT32 and NTFS file system
Folders exclusion
Files exclusion
Specific file type exclusion
Synchronize separated files
Task Preview. Let you previews all operations before synchronization
International file data format support
Log file support
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